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Hey YJ, my name is Will and I am interested in learning Korean. Can I ask you a few questions?

Yes Will, fire away!

How long have you been teaching Korean?

I have been teaching for over 3 years now... But actually, my first time was a long time ago, back in Korea.

Why were you teaching Korean in Korea?

At the time I was working with English as a Second Language teachers there. I realized they had a great deal of language barrier, so I always wanted to help them overcome it. One day, my colleague Henry came to me, saying he wanted to learn survival Korean. Living in Korea without knowing any Korean was too hard for him.


So I helped him with vocabulary, grammar and Korean expressions once every week. It was a big success and after a few weeks, he felt much more confident living in Korea. After some time, I realized being a Korean teacher is what I always wanted to do.

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I see… I’ve only been learning Korean on my own for a month now. But sometimes I find it so hard to make progress though.

How come?

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I want to spend several hours per week to learn Korean, but there are always other stuff that I also love to do. Like playing games and going out with friends… What about you? What do you do when you’re not teaching?

I swim! Also, I often read books, watch YouTube videos and dramas or listen to music-

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Ooh I was gonna ask you about Korean music! Who is your favourite K-pop musician? Do you know BTS!?

Yes, I know BTS and I love their song Dynamite! My favourite Korean musician is Lee Moon Sae. He was one of the most popular singers back when I was in my 20’s. His lyrics are super poetic, touching, and they remind me of my childhood.

Sorry, I am in a completely different generation in terms of K-pop!

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Hahah, no problem! So I’m curious, when do you feel most excited about your job?

I am excited as a teacher when my students are having fun familiarizing themselves with the Korean language/culture. Some of my students always ask me interesting questions about Korea including history, regional differences, norms, slang words, holidays, and even political situations. I feel as though I sparked the curiosity in them. I also feel touched when they find new ways to express themselves. For example, when my students tell me what they think about Korean food, in Korean, right? Those moments are just… how do I say...

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Exactly! It's just so rewarding.

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Thanks for your time, YJ. I think now I should give your lessons a try. Can we start next Monday?

Can’t wait! What time?

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About me

Young Ju Yoo, B.A. Korean Language & Literature

Korean Language & History Tutor

Do you need a copy of my CV?

Just reach out to me!

Korean Teacher/ Tutor


Here I am with a new name for my school (with only one teacher for now!), YJ Learn Korean. My lessons and tutoring sessions help my clients (students) acquire Korean language skills fast and retain Korean vocabulary for a long time. I love my job and my clients keep me going. 

Korean/ English 


I have been working with several clients (students) to provide 1:1 (one-on-one) Korean language lessons and English tutoring. I found some teaching and learning methods that help learners stay motivated and have fun at the same time. The idea for YJ Learn Korean Academy was born!

English Conversation Facilitator


I volunteered for the English Conversation Groups for newcomers and immigrants to Halifax, Canada. I really enjoyed preparing teaching materials for specific topics and group activities. I find it always so rewarding to work with avid learners.


This has been one of my favourite periods in my teaching career. I prepared teaching materials to help guide a Korean language student in university and helped him read and comprehend historical texts written in advanced Korean. We had monthly discussions to refine learning goals and make sure that my tutoring sessions meet his specific needs, i.e. Academic Korean.

- in 2010, I arrived in Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia) with my family to live in this beautiful place! –

ESL Teacher/ Manager


I started my career as a language teacher as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in South Korea. As a manager at the YES Youngdo English School, I oversaw teachers' teaching plans, monthly learning goals, pedagogical concepts for the school's programs and classroom settings.

Student (like you!)


At Yeongnam University (영남대학교), I studied for my Bachelor's degree in Korean Language and Literature. I found learning languages and about literature fascinating, and I always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others who are so eager to learn. Perhaps, I was born to be a teacher.

Once I was also a student. I chose to pursue a major in Korean language because I was totally spellbound by the charm of it.


Even though I may be a teacher now, every day I still learn something new about Korean and realize what a fascinating language it is.


Do you want to become a Korean speaker?