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Hey! My name is YJ.

I am a Korean teacher.

Do you want to learn Korean - 한국어?
It is a beautiful language, but it is also very easy to be surprised by its different alphabet system, phonetic rules, grammar, and cultural expressions.
Aren't you wondering if there is a way to achieve your learning goals quickly and still have fun?
Let me show you how.

I’ve been studying Korean with Young Ju for more than a year now and I enjoy her lessons a lot! Young Ju really puts her efforts in preparing for each Korean lesson, and she always pays attention to my needs so that I learn more. I strongly recommend Young Ju to anyone who wants to learn Korean.

– Michaela

Your Favourite Korean Teacher

Who wants to know about me? I won't judge you if you don't, but once you do, there's no going back!

Your First Step

한번 해봐! Just give it a try: click on the button on the left side to schedule a chat with me.

Your Game Plan 

As a Korean teacher, I offer several programs and they all have my secret sauce to keep it real fun. Both beginners and non-beginners are welcome.

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